The most requested loans this year

Personal loans are one of the best financing options for those who need to finance a personal project without having to make a large investment or a large outlay.

We tell you what have been the most requested loans in 2020. In this way, the entities allow personal projects to be financed without the applicants seeing their daily economy affected.

Why apply for personal loans?

Why apply for personal loans?

Personal loans are the king of financial products due to the flexibility and convenience they provide to applicants.

The financial institutions offer the possibility of financing the personal projects of the applicants thanks to the amount granted in a loan, which can be comfortably returned through monthly installments.

The most requested personal loans this year

The most requested personal loans this year

Good Finance personal loan is being one of the most requested personal loans of 2020. Good Finance offers the possibility of requesting from a minimum amount of $ 6,000 to a maximum amount of $ 60,000, it is also possible to choose a very flexible repayment term (from 12 months to 120 months).

Good Finance’s personal loan can be used to finance personal projects such as buying a car, financing reforms, paying for a trip … etc. In addition one of the reasons why it is one of the most requested loans of 2020, is because it also offers the possibility of reunifying debts.

The Good Credit Personal Loan allows you to easily obtain between $ 3,000 and $ 6,000, the management is completely online and you can request it in a few minutes and without leaving home. In addition, it has a very long repayment term, between 2 and 5 years to pay the loan.

Another of its positive aspects is that it has no opening, study or cancellation fees, nor for early repayment of the loan. It is an ideal financing option to finance the purchase of a good, such as a car, a motorcycle or a computer, or any expenses you are going to make, such as to finance a trip.


E-Money Credit personal loan is being another of the most requested loans of 2020, among other things because it is a 100% online loan and does not require the need to provide any collateral.

You can request an amount ranging from a minimum of a loan of $ 1,000 to a maximum of $ 40,000, so whatever the cost of your project, you will have the facility to finance it.

Another advantage of E-Money Credit and its most requested loan in 2020 is that it offers a quick request response and money is entered shortly after receiving the response.

What to look for to apply for a loan?

What to look for to apply for a loan?

Now that you know what the most requested loans of 2020 are, it is convenient that you know what the conditions and the elements in which you should look before applying for financing.

These are the keys you should look at before applying for a loan:

► Maximum amount : Knowing the maximum amount that you can access through a personal loan will help you know if the loan fits your financing needs or not.

► APR : It is the Annual Equivalent Rate and is the indicator that most closely approximates the real and total cost of a loan. You must look at the APR of the loans to know what the cost you will have to bear for the amount received.

► Repayment term : That a loan has a flexible repayment term is important, since it will mean that you have more possibilities of finding a quota that suits your economic capacity.

These are the two most requested loans of 2020. Both offer a fairly high maximum amount and a flexible repayment term that offers the ability to adapt to different financial and economic profiles.