Instant loan despite eV

An instant loan despite eV is a difficult loan request. A true instant loan, which is granted in the simplified test procedure, cannot be found through the affidavit. Limited credit options are still available.

Cream Bank despite eV – problem

Sofortkredit despite eV - problem

Taking the affidavit may seem trivial at first glance. The bailiff tried to seize, the attachable values ​​were insufficient to satisfy the debt. Following the fruitless attachment, the bailiff takes the affidavit and leaves the house again.

When the insurance is submitted, the current insolvency is officially determined and is registered with Credit Bureau. At the latest now, the loan application to an ordinary commercial bank has no chance of success. The request fails because of the Credit Bureau query. Online loans, which would be a typical source of instant credit, are equally out of the question. Only loans without Credit Bureau are eligible, which means that the applicant for the instant loan is dependent on the help of a credit intermediary – financial service provider despite eV. A loan from private donors would also be conceivable.

Loan through a credit intermediary

Loan through a credit intermediary

When searching for credit on the Internet, it is above all the offers of credit brokers that immediately catch the eye with pithy advertising slogans. In advertising everyone has credit at all times and without any problems.

The instant loan despite eV would be such a case. It is a loan that would be given to an officially insolvent person. In addition, the applicant no longer has anything that could serve as security. Unless he gave false information when submitting the eV If this fact is discovered, there is a risk of imprisonment.

Single-handedly, the debtor with valued eV cannot expect any credit miracles. The intermediary has only one option to try to make the loan eligible. A solvent guarantor or better still a co-applicant assumes the credit risk. Given the high liability risk, the question arises as to why the insolvent debtor wants to appear at all. His name on the loan application is causing all the problems. It is at least not a guarantee for the guarantor or co-applicant.

Personal loan despite eV

Personal loan despite eV

The loan from private donors has always had a reputation as a way out of difficult financing conditions. Theoretically, it is the same. Every private investor is free to decide who to lend his money to. Nevertheless, the private credit market is currently changing.

Only two large portals offer good chances of success on personal loans. One of these portals has already introduced borrowers’ creditworthiness checks. With an open negative characteristic, access to the personal loan is denied.

It is a question of time when the other large portal will follow suit. At the latest then, despite the eV, the instant loan is only possible through a friend who applies for a deputy or at the pawnshop.